Solar & Energy Solutions

The members of the Buildworth team have extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry. An appropriate energy solution proposal can be made based on customer needs and available products within the market. A solar solution can be designed to not only reduce energy usage costs but even as a profitable asset for your home or business.

We take care of the whole process from design to network connection applications, liaison with network stakeholders including metering provisions, installation, commissioning and can advise on energy contracts and comparisons.

If you already have a solar system but are unsure if you are capitalising on the maximum energy yield possible, then a Solar Health check can be performed on your system to advise of any underlying conditions or ailments contributing to a reduced capacity to produce.

Additions and alterations are sometimes necessary in a changing environment due to expansions/reductions within the home or office and can be tricky to navigate with existing approvals and regulations. We are always up to date with the latest rule changes and can advise on best practise with regards to you individual setup.

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